Weekending May 27th (2016)

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Scenes from our week...inside & out.

1/ the words say it all
2/ we made our own paint (from plants/flowers)
3/ found in nature
4/ pretty ladybug
5/ play
6/ pop of colour
7/ friends catching up
8/sweet treat
9/ baking day
10/ what they put together for our entrance

Have a great week everyone.

On Dancing & painting & just being you...

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Can you dance? Can giraffes dance? These questions led to a serious discussion at our table as the children snacked on yummy treats.

Giraffes Can't Dance is our May book of the month, it is one of my favourite books ever. I have included it in my homeschooling curriculum for a few years, and was happy to share it with our daycare friends as our May 2016 Book of the Month.

I love Giraffes Can't Dance for its simple yet important's okay to be different, and to do things differently.  This book is also about friendship, learning and trying new things, and being the best you can possibly be. I think it sends a great message to young children. 

Over all we enjoyed our book of the month, and most importantly, we ended up doing some kind of wacky art (see above).
But enough about me. When I asked what everyone loved about the book they said:
/ Gerald is super-funny and he has long legs
/ the lions dance really nice
/...when Gerald was really good at dancing and no one knew he could dance
/ all of it
/ when Gerald met the cricket
/ the trees are tall like Gerald

You'd have to read the book to see what we're talking about.

Weekending May 20th

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Where does the time go? I cannot believe it is the end of May already.  Back in February when we started preparing for the art show, it seemed so far away. Now the show is all over, and we have resumed our regular schedule.

Last week was  a good week. Honestly, I was looking forward to the long weekend :) The days were also somewhere between cold, and wet, and hot. Strange weather...
On soup day, 2 friends brought carrots so we used some in our soup and then we made carrot muffins. I made 2 kinds...regular and some with coconut and chocolate chips. I had to hide them from Iman. The kids loved them as well.

We did a bit of this and a bit of that...painting based on our book of the month, Giraffes can't Dance...more on that in another post.

Look at our fancy flower mandala. Don't you love it? I was totally hands-off with this one. I helped gather the materials and them I left them to create.

More photos from the Art & Brunch

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I just received some more pics from the Art & Brunch. I am so happy with the work and the way everything turned out. Thanks Iman (who took the photos of the kids outside), and to Jessica for the photos below. Jillian took many of the photos in  this post.


The Show's Photographers

Photographer Jessica Wry.
Jessica is a well-rounded young lady. I was very fortunate to meet her, and to have her do the photography for our Art & Brunch on short notice. Jessica has been doing photography since she was in 8th grade. After graduating from high school she traveled to China to teach English in an elementary school. She then went on to Korea to live as an Au pair. Presently, she is studying languages at UofC.

Photographer Jillian
Jillian is a mom of one, a wife and a very good friend. She recently relocated to Calgary after briefly setting up home in BC (where her family lives). Although her background is in the Legal field, she also has a range of skills in various spheres. In my opinion, her out-going, vibrant personality is her biggest asset. Jillian is always willing to lend a hand, and can never say no to pretty things.

Weekending Friday May 13th (2016)

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...quick update from our week.

On Monday pea soup was on the menu. 
We didn't paint on Wednesday. It was split decision between the children. I, for one am all painted out for a while. but of course we will pick up again next week. This week the children coloured Kathy Lycka's  jungle themed whimsical  animals, which was good for me (no prep time), and for them (something different).
A while ago I decided that we would aim to "bake" at least once a month on baking day - twice would be a bonus. I don't have a problem with baking or not; it's just that all the kids are hardly on site at the same time now, so it's not the same. 
So, we have chosen to make nice treats that take little prep time. I think it was the way to go. This week we made banana, simple and tasty.

ingredients - what we used
    5 wooden skewer sticks
    5- 2 inch pieces banana (about 2-3 bananas)
    1/2 cup chocolate chips, melted
    1/4 cup chopped peanuts
     various sprinkles

Construct your skewers by placing banana pieces on each stick.
Drizzle each skewer with melted chocolate and sprinkle with . Keep chilled until time to serve.


We had a great week. We hope you did too!

Art & Brunch Donor Spotlight: Kelsey's Knits

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About Kelsey
Located in Calgary, Alberta, Kelsey is an avid knitter, and collector of unique knickknacks.
She learned to knit at the age of 17. Her Grandma, who is one of her biggest supporters, was a lovely teacher who spent many weekends knitting on the couch with her. Kelsey still has knitting dates her grandmother here and there. 

After she started knitting, she began gifting items to friends and family, and soon after began to receive many requests. Since knitting was something she loved to do, she decided to start her own business. Kelsey works full time, and continues to grow her business. 

Kelsey donated 2 cute knitted children's hats for our event. Thank you Kelsey.

Contact Kelsey
(403) 816 – 6896
Instagram:  @Kelsknits

Art & Brunch Donor Spotlight: Wendi Silvano

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Artist Bio
Wendi Silvano writes picture books, early and emergent readers, early chapter books, magazine articles and stories, educational materials and goofy poetry. A former preschool and elementary school teacher, Wendi has always loved children's literature and is now delighted to take part in creating books like those she loved as a child.

Wendi has written popular books like Turkey Trouble, Hey Diddle Riddle, and Turkey Claus which was selected as one of the ten best fiction picture books of 2012 by Young Adults Book Central. She is also the author of the fun series, “Love is All Around….” (one for each state of the US and various cities).
Love is All Around Calgary was donated by Wendi for the event, and is also on the Small Wonders Book of the Month list in 2016. Thanks so much Wendi, we love reading!

Contact Wendi

Twitter: @WendiSilvano

Art & Brunch Donor Spotlight: Chloe Buie

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Artist Bio
Chloe Buie was born in Sydney, Australia – moving to Canada when she was 6 weeks old. Chloe is also a very busy Mum of two beautiful kids.  Located in Stettler, Alberta, Chloe caters to all your photography needs in the Central Alberta area(s) & beyond.

Chloe Buie is a natural light, lifestyle photographer specializing in families, children, and couples. Chloe focuses on capturing the authentic connections between family members and customizes every session to create images that your family will cherish forever.

Chloe donated a photo session valued at $250.0 including a complimentary 5x7 print for the silent auction to one lucky family. Thanks Chloe, we love your work.

Contact Chloe
(587) 282-0606


Art & Brunch Donor Spotlight: Kathy Lycka

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 Artist Bio
 Kathy Lycka grew up drawing and painting. She headed off to the Alberta College of Art and Design as a teen, and graduated with a degree in Visual Communications with a focus on Illustration in 2001.

Over the next few years she worked at various national and international corporations and created over 100 pieces of commercial/editorial illustrations. She also relocated temporarily to London, England for a change of pace and a promising job as a graphic designer with HSBC Investments (UK).

During her time across the pond; the overwhelming amount of gorgeous architecture, museums filled to the brim with fine art, and cultural diversity brought her unimaginable happiness. Her passion for art hit a restart button and she devoted countless evenings to painting pictures on the kitchen table in a tiny one-bedroom flat for the year she was abroad.

However, it wasn’t until a car accident in 2008 left her with serious neck and back injuries that she started painting on a regular basis again as part of her rehabilitation. This experience forced her to slow down and re-evaluate her life purpose. She now works full-time as an artist out of her home-based studio in Calgary, Alberta.

Aside from painting and drawing whimsical creatures, Kathy also teaches art classes in her studio.

Kathy donated some whimsical animal art for our event. Thanks Kathy!

Contact Kathy
(403) 383-4114
Online Shops

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