Weekending February 10 (2017)

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It was a good week. We had so much to do. 
We spent a good chunk of our week getting ready for #bookgivingday was just one thing. Only a few days left to before the celebration. Book-giving day is a perfect day to share the love (of books), and to get books into the hands of many children. This year we are donating children's books to the Children's Cottage.

We also had an afternoon of baking, continued with our storytelling, some of our friends explored the snow, and made a craft for Valentine's day.
We still have to sort through our books, wrap our new books, and finish one last craft. Other than that, I think we are all set for next week. Happy weekend everyone!

Story of the month: Stone Soup

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We started our storytelling on Thursday, which was just the right day to do so as it was soup day. The children take turns picking veggies out of my sac to add to the soup, and they almost know the story by heart :)
We are having so much fun with this story. We did a bit of French vocab as well, and made our own soupe aux legumes craft. In the kitchen we made vegetable soup with wild rice, and we added a boiled egg AND potato latkes - yum!

Stone Soup Synopsis (there are many variations of this story)

A young man (Jack) is very hungry. He comes upon a village, where he assumes 2 things...where there's a village there are people AND where there are people there is food. He's sure he will not be hungry for long.
He knocks on each door in the village only to be turned away, and told to go ask someone else for food.
Empty-handed and still hungry, he leaves the village. He finds a stone on the side of the road, which gives him an idea. He runs back to the village and speaks to one of the villagers - telling  him that he is going to make stone soup. The villager is curious and brings Jack a big pot, which they place in the village square. 
One by one the villagers bring vegetables, herbs and meat to add to the big bubbling pot.  
Soon, the pot is filled with potatoes, garlic, onions, carrots, cabbage, meat and so on. Indeed a great delicious pot of soup was shared by all the villagers, and Jack leaves the villagers the stone, for the next time they want to make a pot of stone soup.

A bit of storytelling ... bit of art, a bit of food.
See our list of the stories we are going to share in our oral storytelling series  here.

Weekending February 3rd (2017)

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Welcome February! We've got a few things in store for you.
1/ just started oral storytelling series...first story stone soup
2/ getting & keeping her attention
3/ bounty
4/ soup & latkes
5/ cauliflower & apple? muffins? yes!
6/ my 2 big girls love their smoothies
7/while the girls were waiting for brekkie
8/ after meditation
9/ homemade bread pudding
10/ la bonne soupe colouring activity

Have a great weekend everyone!
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