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Summer garden party & a goodbye...

26.8.16 0 comments

The children and I had our final party of the summer session, as well as a farewell party for our friend MM, who's going off to school in September. I am truly going to miss him, as are the other children. 

We followed a simple garden theme (for the party); with a few balloons, toadstools, as well as some treats like dirt (similar to this recipe). It was a great day, with lots of sunshine. Everyone was relaxed and playful.
Enjoy the break dear friends...see you in September! And we hope you really like school MM :)

Weekending August 19 (2016)

25.8.16 0 comments
A few pics from our last week of the summer session... (stay tuned for pics from our garden party).
circle time
our first zucchini this year
we're going to ripen this one
found among the onions :)

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